What is SIP Trunking?

With the phone company, customers typically paying on a per-line basis for physical phone lines that originate in their central office. These phone lines are costly. Customers invest a lot when they initially deploy them, and it’s very expensive to add more as they grow. But with SIP Trunking, phone calls are routed through the internet….


Many new phone systems are compatible with SIP Trunking with no extra equipment. (We can help determine if a customer’s system is compatible.) Legacy analog or digital phone systems may require a device called a VoIP Gateway to translate analog and digital calls into VoIP calls.

Video Conference

Powerful video conferencing solution for businesses of all sizes Maintain productivity with HD video, screen sharing, powerful collaboration features and artificial intelligence capabilities on both mobile and desktop devices. Benefits of Video Conferencing Easy-to-use No on-boarding or training required. Start and join meetings in seconds. Exceptional Value All the features you need at a fraction…


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Remote Administration Tools and Management Features

With iSycol Elevate, you can scale and manage your communications according to your company’s needs. No more overspending on lines you don’t need, or being constrained by unexpected growth. Order additional service and manage your employee phone, data backup, video and conferencing services through a single interface. Whether your Unified Communications (UC) platform is managed…

Download the Apps

iSycol Elevate Mobile App The Elevate mobile application transforms the user’s mobile phone into an essential collaboration tool for on-the-go productivity. Android and iOS users can place and receive calls, see who is available, chat with colleagues and manage voicemails all from one application—anytime, anywhere. Find the iSycol Elevate Mobile App in the Google Play™ Store or Apple®…

What is iSycol Elevate?

What is iSycol Elevate? iSycol Elevate is a fully integrated cloud-based unified communications platform for small to medium businesses. We believe that people are the center of all communications and that tools facilitate that communication. Those tools should be easy-to-use, high-performing, and worry-free, so that you can focus on the interaction and not the tools….