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Data Protection & Privacy


iSycol maintains a comprehensive privacy policy and follows the Standard Contractual Clauses under GDPR to protect your data. We maintain a security environment that meets the requirements of the GDPR and offer GDPR-compliant Data Processing Addendums (DPAs) to our partners and customers to help assure them that our processing and handling of your data will meet the GDPR’s standards.

To read iSycol’s Privacy Policy, please visit Privacy Policy

Employee security

Every iSycol employee, regardless of role, undergoes a rigorous background check. Employee access to passwords, encryption keys and electronic credentials is strictly controlled using two-factor authentication and role-based access control. Access to servers is restricted to a limited number of authorized engineers and monitored regularly.

Authentication and access

iSycol has established a number of stringent policies and procedures to authenticate a caller’s identity during support and service calls. These policies and procedures help protect confidential information belonging to your account and to your users by helping to ensure that only authorized members of your team are given access to our services. In addition, our online control panel enables administrators to fully control access to services and administrative functions.

Dedicated security staff and monitoring

iSycol employs dedicated, full-time security staff who are certified in information security. This team is involved with all aspects of security, including log and event monitoring, incident response, managing intrusion detection systems (both host and network), perimeter defense, service and architecture testing, and source code reviews.