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Team Chat

iSycol Elevate Team Chat provides teams with the tools they need to communicate, collaborate, and get work done. The best part? Chat messages sync across desktop and mobile applications—so teams can stay connected, from wherever they work.

iSycol Elevate Team Chat

Direct message
Connect with a colleague 1:1 to work on a project.

Teams can organize conversations on specific topics into public and private chats. Members of the channel can share files, meet, and collaborate in this dedicated space.

  • Public channels are open to anyone in your organization to search and join. Examples include a place to host company announcements, product feedback, off-topic conversations, and more.
  • Private Channels are by invitation only and are meant for groups to discuss specific topics only appropriate to the members of that group.

Business SMS 
Send and receive unlimited text messages to US, Canada and Puerto Rico to communicate more effectively with customers.*

Rich Text Editor 
Format messages to add clarity, call out important information, and better emphasize your message.

Chat messages can move quickly, and often by the time you want to reply, the chat has moved on. You can go back and send inline replies to specific messages to ask clarifying questions and carry-on multiple conversations in the same chat.

Ask a specific teammate a question or get their attention in a channel using @mentions. The individual will receive a notification, while the rest of the channel members can follow along — providing more context and transparency in group conversations.

Chat Search 
Search chat history for the relevant messages, files or links you need to get work done.  

Gifs and Emojis 
Use GIFs and emojis for more engaging (and fun!) conversations. 

Quickly drag and drop files into any message to get feedback and collaborate on projects. Files shared in any chat will remain indefinitely, and members can reference them from the “files tab” whenever they need to access them again.

Meet in HD Video
Quickly hop from a chat conversation to a video conference where you can meet face-to-face, share your screen, and collaborate on projects in real-time.