Dynamic Notifications

iSycolu2019su00a0Dynamic Notification feature allows you to send outbound voice, SMS and email notifications so you can contact your customers using their preferred method of communication u2013 or choose the most appropriate one.

Whether you use outbound notification foru00a0upsell, collections, appointment scheduling, customer care surveys or collections, highly versatile Dynamic Notification capabilities can be leveraged to deliver best-in-class results in any industry.

Top features include:

  • Voice, SMS, and email capable
  • Easy to use customizable and data-driven campaigns
  • Buildable library of notification templates
  • Appointment reminders with the option to confirm or connect to an agent for rescheduling
  • Tightly integrated with Contact Center features
  • Live dashboard reporting on campaign status
  • Ability to export reporting on completed campaigns
  • Text-to-speech voice notifications in 6 u201cvoicesu201d with English, French, and Spanish options
  • Highly scalable

Tremendous vertical-play positioning opportunities:

  • Healthcare:u00a0Appointment Reminders
  • Retail /u00a0B2C:u00a0Deliveries, Surveys, Promotions, Collections
  • Real Estate:u00a0Open Houses, Visits
  • Travel / Hospitality:u00a0Travel Date Reminders, Reservations, Orders
  • Services:u00a0Installation Notifications, Outages
  • Banking:u00a0Account Balance, Payments
  • Utilities:u00a0Robocall Activity, Installations, Outages, Updates, Collections
  • Education:u00a0General Notices, Information, Weather Alerts, Emergency Alerts
  • SMB:u00a0Promotional Offers,u00a0Upsell, Marketing Campaigns
  • Transportation:u00a0Pick-up Reminders, Scheduling