iSycol Contact Center’s webchat offering (sometimes known as live chat) refreshes and modernizes the webchat experience to better meet contemporary expectations, providing an optimal chat experience even when agents are offline – which in turn boosts sales, captures more revenue, delivers higher customer satisfaction, and reduces churn.

Styling and appearance are greatly streamlined to allow for rapid deployment that can easily fit most website color schemes (custom CSS styling will still be offered) and light/ dark theme options.

Modern smartphones and tablets will render the webchat window properly and in an attractive manner, helping to engage more customers via this additional channel and respect contemporary device preferences. Interactive Chat Response (ICR) components, which serve visitors after-hours, will also receive these same enhancements.

For partners, providing webchat deployment or customization can lead to a higher level of ownership for customer success, accelerate overall Contact Center deployments, enhance customer loyalty, and potentially open new lines of business through providing a “used-everyday” communications component.

Offer a chat experience optimized for modern preferences
Deliver a visually appealing chat function, aligned with the overall website design
Marketing (graymail) management helps users prioritize important messages
  • Auto-detection of device type (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.)
  • Auto-application of width/height and border style
  • Can enable data collection (e-mail, phone number for callback, etc.)
  • Use config settings via UI, or upload custom CSS
  • Choose from light or dark themes
  • Offers 7 color schemes to choose from, or specify a custom HEX value
  • Supports existing chat activation modes (reactive, proactive, reactive/ proactive with or without invite)
  • Preview for other chat functions/ modes – waiting in queue, no agents available, etc.
  • Preview of main webchat forms