Integration with other services

iSycol offers an integrated suite of services that includes Exchange Email, Skype for Business, SecuriSync file sync and share, and many other essential business tools.

SIP Trunking adds internet call routing to this suite—without introducing any of the integration or budgetary headaches that would come if you had to add another vendor.

As an integrated element of our Office in the Cloud, SIP Trunking offers:

  • Simple pricing. SIP Trunking can be added to your suite of services for a simple monthly payment
  • One vendor and one bill. Your budgeting and auditing processes remain simple and straightforward
  • One source of support. No need to remember more phone numbers, account numbers or passwords
  • One control panel. SIP Trunking is managed through HostPilot, the same control panel that manages all your other iSycol services
  • Plan flexibility. As with every iSycol service, you have the flexibility to meet your specific needs, instead of being forced into a one-size-fits-all solution