Setup and installation

iSycol and our Certified Integration Partners work in tandem from switching through porting and installation.  This includes setting up the customer’s HostPilot online management control panel.

Once the order is in place – or even before, we deploy our proprietary VoIP Scout tester to run a comprehensive VoIP test against the customer’s data network to ensure it can handle high-quality voice calls. See VoIP quality testing to read more about VoIP Scout.

We ensure all of the necessary paperwork is completed and submitted to avoid unnecessary service delays.  Once a firm order commitment is received, we work with the customer to schedule a service walkthrough and port and install dates.

Installation from our Certified Integration Partners

iSycol’s Certified Integration Partners perform such on-site tasks as:

  • Inspecting your current phone system for SIP Trunking compatibility
  • Testing your network to ensure it has high-quality call support capability
  • Performing any physical and digital tasks necessary to transfer your phone trunks
  • Setting up and deploying VoIP gateways, if necessary
  • Performing any necessary on-site support