Optional features

iSycol SIP Trunking includes local and long distance calling and Failover Routing.  Plans are unlimited, bundled or metered.   With Failover Routing, if needed, calls can be automatically rerouted to an offsite number.  The failover number can be a mobile, land line, e.g., alternate office or Auto Attendant.

Optional FeaturesDescription
VoicemailMailbox for handling unanswered calls. Send voicemail to email.  Local or toll-free number.
Follow meService providing call forwarding, call screening, sequential and simultaneous ringing. Local or toll-free number.
ConferencingLow cost conferencing with “on-net” calling for internal employees. Local or toll-free reserved and reservation less conferencing numbers.
Toll-free NumbersDedicated toll-free numbers for inbound calling.
WebFaxService used to receive and store faxes.  Provides a secure and confidential “fax mailbox” for receipt of faxes; and the ability to send faxes from a Windows PC. Local or toll-free number.
Automated AttendantService that answers and routes inbound calls to a person, department or information. Requires a direct inward dial number (DID) to route calls to specific phones. Local or toll-free number.
Remote Market NumbersService that provides a local phone number in remote markets that can be forwarded to a primary hunt group.